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Su Ruiqi or Sury, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on August 20, 2000, is a female pop singer in Mainland China and a member of the female singing group Chic Chili. In July 2017, Su Ruiqi became a member of the ETM Family ’s first pop singing team ETM_OrangE (small orange group). She was the lead dancer and Rapper in the team ; in the same year, she participated in the ETM Family ’s first short video group "Hello OrangE Season 1 . In 2018, she participated in the youth growth program "Produce 101" of the Tencent Video Women's Team, and finally achieved 25th place in the third stage; on September 30, she joined the female singing group Chic Chili (西 可 西丽 ) . In 2019, Chic Chili S & R, a team formed with Liu Renyu, released the first music EP "SAME" ; in April, published the first personal photo "Amazing Encounter".

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