Ali Bahadır Bahar

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Ali Bahadir Bahar was born on 8th of April 1980 in Karsiyaka, Izmir. He is a theater, commercial and TV actor. He was born in 1980 as the youngest of three siblings. Ali Bahadir Bahar had his first experience as an amateur in 1998 with a street Theather. He has worked for many years in different sectors and private institutions. He has fully contributed and founded Theather clubs in those institutions where he had also directed and performed himself as well. He attended Eric Morris Method Acting (Deniz Erdem), Mask Acting (Matteo Mastro) classes and Applied Camera Front Acting class by director Can Kilcioglu. On 23th of November 2019, he took part in one of famous teather festival by Galataperfom (8. new text new Theather) which name is "Vardi Yoktu (Kabus X 500 By director Tolga Kilik). He has the full membership of Actors Union of Turkey. He continues his professional career successfully which he had started as an amateur.

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