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Rokuro Naya (納谷 六朗, Naya Rokurō, October 20, 1932 – November 17, 2014), real name: 納屋 六朗 (same reading), was a Japanese voice actor, actor and narrator. He was a lifelong resident of Tokyo and was affiliated with Mausu Promotion at the time of his death. His brother was the voice actor Gorō Naya (1929–2013) and his sister-in-law is an actress and voice actor Kachiko Hino. His wife is Mitsue Naya, the former president of Mausu Promotion, and his eldest son is Ryosuke Naya, also former president of Mausu Promotion.

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Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Iniziata nel 1978
Future Boy Conan
Iniziata nel 1995
Street Fighter II: V
Iniziata nel 1965
Kimba the White Lion
Iniziata nel 1970
Tomorrow's Joe
Iniziata nel 2010
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Iniziata nel 2003
Zatch Bell!
Iniziata nel 1982
Magical Princess Minky Momo
Iniziata nel 1977
Wakakusa no Charlotte
Iniziata nel 1979
Gordian Warrior
Iniziata nel 2004
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden
Iniziata nel 1992
Shin Chan
Iniziata nel 2001
Hikaru no Go
Iniziata nel 2006
Humanoid Monster Bem
Iniziata nel 1997
Flame of Recca
Iniziata nel 1985
Emi Magique
Iniziata nel 2002
Mirage of Blaze