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Melissa is a writer, an actor, and a person who hates writing bios, especially in the third person, but here we are. Melissa wrote for “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix for the past two seasons. Previously, she wrote for “Maya & Marty” — Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s variety NBC variety sketch show — which earned her a WGA Award nomination. Most recently, she wrote for an upcoming TBS animated show “Close Enough.” She executive produced, wrote and starred in pilots for NBC (“Wolfgirl”) and TruTV (“Small Victories”), and co-wrote a pilot for TBS (“Basic”). Melissa created and starred in the smash-hit web series “Adult Wednesday Addams” which earned over 20 million views and received praise from the LA Times, AV Club, Bloody Disgusting and People Magazine, among others. Melissa started in live comedy, writing and performing at Upright Citizens’ Brigade, on the Maude (sketch) teams Eastwood and Karate Karate.

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Adult Wednesday Addams