Makenzie Lee-Foster

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Actress and now child author, Makenzie Lee-Foster, can't be boxed-in. Born in San Jose, California, Makenzie started her acting career at two years old. She starred as Young Deja Andrews, the rebellious Pearson foster child, in the Emmy-award winning drama, This Is Us. In Dee Rees' short film, "The Box," for the 90th Academy Awards, Makenzie starred as a young girl imagining her space adventure and refusing to go to bed. She also starred as Young Toni Harris, one of the first females to play college football, in the Toyota Super Bowl LIII commercial. Now at only eight years old, Makenzie is breaking molds. She penned her first children's book, Kickin' it with Kenzie, that teaches children to follow their dreams and that nothing will come easy, it all takes work. When she's not acting or helping her community through empathy and messages of anti-bullying, Makenzie enjoys science, art, sports, exploring, and making friends.

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