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1x1 - Colorful Love: I am Loved by a Genderless Boy

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Machida Wako (Ai Yoshikawa), an editor at a manga magazine, loves beautiful things, but tends to put herself second, focusing on her work and her "favorites. She has a crush on the editor-in-chief, Asahi (Mizuno Miki). One day, she is invited by her classmates to a fashion magazine photo shoot, where she meets Kira (Ren Kiriyama), a popular model. Kazuko Wako is taken aback by Kira's beauty. At that moment, a man comes after Kira. The man, who is so beautiful that he could be mistaken for a woman, is Kira's stylist and Wako's high school junior, Shuguru (Itagaki Lee Mitsuto). Surprised by the unexpected reunion, Zhou Meguru suddenly hugs Machida Wako... -Translated from official site using DeepL

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1 Aprile 2021
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