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1x1 - A Man Called Hawk

The Master's Mirror

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Hawk searches for an old friend and fellow Vietnam War vet turned stressed-out government operative named David Tracton, who has become a killing machine. Hawk's old boss, Col. Edward Stoller, director of covert field operations in U.S. Intelligence asks Hawk to look for Tracton and bring him in before it's too late. Hawk enlists the help of Tracton's half-Vietnamese daughter to save his friend. Tracton is ultimately shot to death at the Jefferson Memorial after Hawk, unaware that he's being followed, leads him there. In this episode, Hawk gives the Old Man a signed, first-edition copy of WEB DuBois' 1903 book ""Souls of Black Folk."" Angela Bassett also appears in this episode as a high school teacher who could become Hawk's love interest.

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28 Gennaio 1989
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