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It is the 23rd century, and the human race inhabits the moon. The earth has been a dead planet since the great calamity, a global eco-disaster triggered by the crash of the colossal space station Freeport. The survivors on the moon founded the Lunar Republic of Eden, a utopian city which guarantees its citizens lives of peace and stability, but at a price: life in Eden is closely monitored and controlled by the powerful regulatory body known as The Guidance Council. Fifteen-year-old Takeru doesn't know the first thing about Eden politics, but has a nagging feeling that things -just ain't right.- He vents his frustrations by racing LTVS -Lunar Terrain Vehicles- with his buddies and generally wasting time. The Guidance Council keeps a close watch on him, as they do all citizens, but are aware that such teenage folly rarely leads to any real problems. However, when Takeru is sent on a community service outing to atone for his mischievous behavior, he stumbles upon something that could get him into real trouble, since it may actually be important: a photograph, recent and unaltered, of a girl on Earth.

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23 Novembre 2006
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