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1x1 - A Bridge to the Starry Skies

If it was A Bear, It would End Right Here

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Hoshino comes back to his childhood place. He goes in pursuit of a monkey taking his brothers hat and meets Ui. He kisses Ui by accident by falling on her and Hinata appears and thought Hoshino forces himself on Ui calling him a pervert. When the brothers reach the Yorozuyo inn they are welcomed by the owner and shows them their room. When Hoshino came to bathe he was accidentaly seen naked by Tsumugi Todo and the owner of the inn Senka Yorozuyo. In the morning they go to the school they transferred in and Tsumugi shows the brothers the way to their schools. When Hoshino enters the class, Hinata notices him and she was surpirsed to see him in their school

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11 Aprile 2011
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