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1x10 - Dragonaut: The Resonance

Truth -Shattered Image-

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During an ISDA meeting, Kazuki's actions as a Dragonaut, and the current situations of the Album, Jin, Gio, and Widow are discussed. Meanwhile, Gio and Widow are confined in a facility that prevents them from leaving. At the ISDA base, Yuuri explains the Resonance process to Jin, and tells him that he had resonated with Toa two years ago. Elsewhere, Garnet is trying to apologize for her failures to Prince Asim, but he is now more interested in obtaining Toa rather than Gio. Back at the ISDA, Toa breaks free and attempts to retrieve some dragon eggs, but Kasuga's glowing eyes make her hesitate, giving Amadeus a chance to knock her unconscious. Using the confusion caused by Toa's attempt to escape, Akira and Machina free Jin. Laina and Howlingstar attempt to stop them, but after Machina uses Laina as a hostage, they end up successfully escaping. Later, when the ISDA decide to transport Toa, they are attacked by the Gillard military.

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6 Dicembre 2007
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