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1x13 - Emanet

Episode 13

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Simge has become obsessed with Fırat. Simge is aware that Zelalin does not know the facts. She wants to tell Zelal that Halit's murderer is Fırat. Fırat does not want to lose Zelal and remains silent to Simge's threats. Meryem Sermanlı makes Simge, who will marry her grandson Aslan, sign a marriage contract. Aslan witnesses that Simge constantly lies and learns that the Symbol's obsession with the Euphrates has not passed. Leaving the Symbol, Aslan learns all the facts. The Symbol has nothing to lose anymore. Zelal learns that he is pregnant. He wants to give this happy news to everyone at the same time. This special news Zelal prepares all the preparations for the night with his own hands. Fırat learns that Zelal is pregnant and thinks that this home will no longer be washed away. Simge wants to take all her anger out of Zelal. Before telling the facts to Zelal, Simge collaborates with Ekrem. Ekrem has nothing to lose anymore. Ekrem wants to eliminate Fırat.

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23 Settembre 2020
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