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1x13 - Around the Corner with John McGivern

East Town, Milwaukee

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We wrap up the first season of Around the Corner with John McGivern where John starts and ends everyday -- East Town. As Milwaukee's center of commerce, people have always worked in East Town. The businesses are local and global, really big and really tiny. Places like the Pfister and London Cleaners have been here forever, but newcomers continue to add to this ever-changing community. In the last few decades, there's been a real resurgence of people who come to live and play here, too. Home to the theater district, the art museum, and some of the best restaurants and street food in the state, there's always something to do (and eat!). But as a resident, John invites you to hang out at Buckley's, on "the W's" or in Cathedral Square, and come grocery shopping with him and meet his friend, Madeline. John Gurda says it was called Juneau Town, it's been known as Yankee Hill, we all call it Downtown, but John McGivern calls East Town "home".

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19 Aprile 2012
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