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The White Witch

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Boat they found gets taken by the owner who knocks Alex out. They split up to catch up with the boat. Jimmy falls into a bog and on saving him they find the body of a geologist whose arm was hacked off him. Andrew becomes separated from the group and is found by a woman. Karen searches for him and ends up with the woman also. Jimmy finds a man who is stuck and handcuffed onto a wooden pole and he goes to find Alex. When they return to the spot, the man is gone. They decide to continue on without Karen and Andrew. They hear a fiddle playing and they go to investigate the cave from which the sound is coming from. There they find a Canadian woman named Morag who serves them human meat. They freak out and try to escape. They then find Karen and Andrew tied up in the cave and they realize that Morag is the leader of the Cannibals.

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22 Aprile 2000
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