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1x2 - Drak Pack

Mind Your Manners, Dr. Dred

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Dr. Dred plots to steal the golden artifacts of the Egyptian king, Tut-Tut, and put the blame on the Drak Pack. The boys stake out the museum, only to be caputred. They can only watch as Dr. Dred steals the treasure with a levitater beam. Drak and the others get free and give chase, only to be tricked into having their picture taken, which is left at the scene of the crime to frame them. The boys are in persuit, and end up at O.G.R.E. Island, a moble, artificial island. They are again captured and told of Dred's plans. Drak escapes by turning into a hand-drill. Howler drills through the hull of the fake island with a controled tornado drill, letting in the ocean. Heros and villians alike abandon the sinking island, although the Drak Pack saves the artifacts. They see Toad in a rowboat, pulling a half-destroyed Dredgable. He offers to come work for the Drak Pack, but declines when Drak asks, "Do you do windows?"

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13 Settembre 1980
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