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1x2 - Above Suspicion

Episode 2

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DCI James Langton embarks on a risky course which he hopes will result in Daniels' arrest without any accusation of police entrapment. DC Anna Travis is his Mata Hari. She is encouraged to befriend suspect and much-loved film actor Alan Daniels (Jason Durr) in the hope he might somehow incriminate himself. Anna is chosen because Daniels has already made flirtatious approaches to her while the police searched his elegant apartment. The profiler warns that such approaches are typical of sociopaths; they need to feel they are in control. Anna must handle him with great caution. She must not allow Daniels to win her trust. Equally, if he feels she is betraying him, she will find herself in a potentially very dangerous situation. Anna starts to date Daniels. The young naive officer is very much in awe of the movie star, as he's the epitome of elegance and sophistication. The two of them dine together at the Ivy where, of course, he is recognised. He is all charm and care towards Anna, confiding to her his continuing fear that somehow all his fame will be ripped from him because all those years ago, he lived in a house used as a brothel. Daniels is not only charm personified, he is also very believable. He asks Anna why the police are hounding the wrong man, and admits it is starting to get to him. His past should not be held against him. If they continue to question him, it will get out and, even though he is innocent, his career will be destroyed.

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5 Gennaio 2009
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