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Lost in the forest, the survivors try to gather some wood to start a fire. Will catches a glimpse of himself on Pia's hand mirror and notices that he has a strange simbol painted on his forehead. They search for food and find that someone or something is stalking them, but it turns out to be just a wild pig. Soon later they come across Marcel DaSilva, another survivor of the crash. Marcel has a deep knowledge on how to survive in the forest. He tells them that they must find a river and follow its course to the sea. It will be difficult, he says, but eventually they will find their way back to the civilization. However, moments later Marcel is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies. The survivors decide to go on with his plan anyway. Will sees a misterious blond man who has in his forehead the same simbol he has in his, but the man quickly disapears. When he tells the others, they think that what he saw was probably just an animal, but the blond man keeps following them...

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2 Ottobre 1999
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