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1x25 - Dragonaut: The Resonance

Resonance -As If Echoing Together Forever-

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Members of the Dragonaut team attempt to protect as many humans as they can from the billions of Ostrums sent by Thanatos. Meanwhile, Toa, Jin, and Gio try to approach Thanatos since Jin wants to persuade it to stop. Kasuga helps them get through by blowing himself up, taking out massive amounts of dragons in the group's way. Once inside, they are met with the original Ostrum, whom Gio decides to battle himself while Jin and Toa go on ahead. Jin and Toa then encounter Garnet, who sends Jin into a dream world where the shuttle accident never happened, however, Jin is able to snap out of it by following Toa's voice. As Gio is able to defeat Ostrum, the power of Toa and Jin's love for each other results in the deactivation of all the Ostrums, the disappearance of Toa's stigmata, and the appearance of "mother", who decides that she will think about the meaning of love as she moves on to the next planet. In the end, Gio leaves for space, and Jin and Toa are able to live on together.

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27 Marzo 2008
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