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Sisters In The Mind

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Rebecca wants to become a player for the Girl's basketball team, but does not know how to play and goes to ask Hazel for help, but she is busy with her frog project. She then goes to Sophie for help and when they arrive in the court, Sophie turns out to be brilliant at it despite never playing it before. And they both take coaching lessons from David but when Rebecca tries to dress up in make-up for him, he doesn't want to teach her and so she gets upset, whereas he is teaching Sophie and she is getting better and better at it and Rebecca is angry and they have a huge argument. Meanwhile, Hazel has started hearing people's thoughts and she gets into trouble for ruing the school governor's meeting and is nearly expelled, but the headteacher decides to forgive them and they stay. We also find out that Jonathan likes Rebecca more than just being friends, as he bribes David to help get back the locket which belongs to Sophie, which was also given to her by the sisters' mother, since it was chucked out the window by Rebecca in the middle of their argument.

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17 Marzo 2010
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