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1x3 - Ambassadors

The Tazbek Spring

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Hard-as-nails government vetting officer Robert Jackson arrives in Tazbekistan and walks the fifteen miles from the airport for the embassy staff appraisal. However, during a party to celebrate the president's platinum jubilee a revolt begins, led by Neil's girlfriend Natalia's brother. The P.O.D. in London tells the ambassadors that they must identify with the winning side for continued good relations but Keith fumbles his chance to withhold the president's pop star/football manager daughter Fergana's visa application to find out her father's true intentions. Then Jennifer, appalled at the regime's brutal response to the rebellion, forces Keith to make peace with the rebels - though they capture him and he is freed by the British army. The revolt fails and Neil blackmails Jackson into giving the embassy a glowing report, as well as giving Natalia safe passage to England. - Written by don @ minifie-1

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6 Novembre 2013
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