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The Knight's Tale

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Paul finds himself imprisoned for 12 months for re-programming mobile phones. However, he is pleased to find that he will be sharing a cell with his old friend Ace. Emily is a college lecturer - inspired by her brother who had learning difficulties she applies to be a literacy teacher at the prison. Ace suggests to Paul that they might both stay out of trouble in the future if they spend some of their time in prison learning how to read. Their teacher turns out to be Emily. Both fall in love with her and believe that they are special to Emily especially as she encoursges Paul with his project on Egypt and Ace with a project on gardening. Ace is let out of prison on probation and enrols at the college where Emily is a lecturer. When Paul finds out he escapes from prison and finds Ace and Emily. Will one of them be able to win Emily or will it all end in tragedy?

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25 Settembre 2003
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