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1x3 - A Bridge to the Starry Skies

Acorn is Surprisingly Painful

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Following an awkward morning and breakfast with Senka, Kazuma and Ayumu head to school with Daigo. As Ui and Ibuki catch up, Kazuma experiences an aura that he is being watched. Class breaks for lunch; on his way with Daigo to get food, Kazuma experiences another aura as a girl hides. Homeroom is let out; as Kazuma leaves with Daigo, he spots the girl and gives chase. Bumping into and startling Madoka instead, bodyslams him onto the floor. The next morning, shooed out of the inn, Kazuma rethinks the incident and decides to apologize to Madoka; finding her at the shrine. Making up, she inquires about him and Ui, brought to tears upon hearing they kissed. Watching this from atop a tree and upset at Madoka crying, the girl from earlier reveals herself to be Koyori Toudou, Tsumugi's other sister. Berating the poor boy with acorns, and to the defense of Madoka, Koyori pardons Kazuma and leaves. On their way from school the next day, Ui and Kazuma bump into Ayumu. With a moderate fever, Kazuma piggybacks him the rest of the way as Ui fantasizes about being carried. Back at the house, Ayumu asleep, Kazuma and Ui relax in his room. Senka drops by with Tea and Daifuku, of which Ui immediately begins to make a mess of herself eating. To his amusement, Kazuma laughs.

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25 Aprile 2011
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