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1x4 - Drak Pack

Dreadful Weather We're Having

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There is a new park in town: Pirate Park. Dr. Dred and O.G.R.E. are there to steal the lost treasure. He has Toad swimming around in the huge fish tank. The Drak Pack are there, too. Dred has Drak to come to one of his "secret meetings", this time, in a giant oyster. The oyster forms a pearl around Drak, trapping him inside. Meanwhile, Frankie and Howler are fishing for oysters, in hopes of finding a pearl. Howler hooks a small oyster, and finds a pearl. Frankie then hooks a giant oyster, and gets a gaint pearl. The pearl talks back to Frankie, calling him by name (guess who it is...^_^). Scared, Frankie hurls it away, breaking it, and freeing Drak. They began their search for Dr. Dred at the sea show, where Dred tricks them into feeding the killer whale. The boys ride the whale and eventully end up being thrown to a seal. The seal spins and tosses both Drak and Howler, but gives Frankie a kiss when he lands on the ground. After they are trapped in the tower ride (where we learn two things: Howler is afraid of heights, but can overcome the fear to help his friends, and that the Drak Wack will only work when they ALL do it), they are forced to disguise themselves to keep their fans from getting in the way (and getting hurt). With help from the seal, they find their way to a secret cavern, where they are once again, captured. Dred has the treasure and gets away by blowing a hole in the wall of the cave. The boys trnsform and follow them. After a legthy battle, in which Drak displays his sword fighting skills, the treasure is recovered. Toad is last seen checking oysters for pearls.

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4 Ottobre 1980
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