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The Highway (1938)

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1938 -- to escape the politically worsening situation in Germany, the famous German movie star Marlene Dietrich emigrates to the United States. A young Swedish girl named Zarah Leander with a lovely singing voice (whose grandparents were actually Jewish) becomes Dietrich's replacement. Many of the women in Schabbach simply adore seeing a Zarah Leander romantic musical. Maria, Paul's wife, and Pauline, Paul's sister, return from such a movie and have great fun as Pauline styles her hair in the Zarah Leander fashion. But Maria is still very sad. It has been ten years since Paul left her and her two children: Anton and Ernst. She is the only one of the family who still believes that Paul will return one day. But she is very restless after so many years. So it is no wonder that she responds so well to the family's new boarder, chief engineer Otto Wohlleben who is working on the new highway being built in the area. Otto helps Ernst with the building and flying of model gliders and they develop a close relationship. Otto fractures his right arm in three places and has to have his arm set in a cast. Maria takes care of Otto and the two fall in love.

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26 Settembre 1984
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