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The Fierce Ones

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Karen, Pia, Jimmy and Will are taken to the native's village, where they find out that Sidney is still alive and has been kept as a prisoner since they last saw him. Back in the forest, Alex and Andrew discuss what to do. Andrew has leukemia and is getting weaker, so Alex wants to leave him behind and try to find some help. Andrew, in spite of his condition, wants to help the others. When the natives force Karen, Pia and Jimmy to take off their clothes (not all of them, actually) Jimmy hits one of the natives and is tied up with Sidney. Later, two wounded natives are brought in and the shaman performs some sort of ritual on them. During the ritual, Sidney is untied and the natives let him go, but as soon as he leaves the village, the natives start to chase him. He runs for his life, but he is soon caught and killed. Alex decides to join Andrew in his rescue attemp. On their way to the village they meet the blond man who was following the group.

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16 Ottobre 1999
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