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1x6 - Canterbury Tales

The Man of Law's Tale

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Mark finds Constance, a refugee from Nigeria, hiding in a small boat, which has been washed up on the shore. He takes her back to his wife Nicky, who decides to befriend her and not to report her to the Home Office. Constance is a Christian, who has had a traumatic experience back home. At first she finds comfort and fellowship in the local church, until she is pursued by church member Terry. Mark and Nicky's friend Alan is also attracted to Constance, though his mother doesn't like the idea of them being together. Constance has flashbacks to something that happened in Nigeria. We see Alan's life in the future, where he is desperately looking for Constance in Nigeria. At what point did Alan and Constance lives become intertwined and what separated them? Will they both have a happy ending?

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16 Ottobre 2003
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