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The End of the World

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While Karen and Pia distract the guards, Alex, Andrew and Jimmy try to escape climbing the cliffs that surround the Chosen village. In the Fierce Ones village, one of the warriors tries to kill Will, but Korakal stops him and tells the boy that three of his friends must die as payback for the three warriors killed. Just as the guards discover the escape, Jimmy falls from the cliff, landing on a cabin's roof. Balaam goes with the guards after the other two, but first he warns Falconer John that if they are not caught, the women will take their place. Chased by the guards, Alex and Andrew split. Andrew meets a mysterious woman who wanishes without uttering a single word. Then he is found by Falconer John and agrees to go back with him, so neither Karen or Pia will have to take his place. Alex is captured by Balaam and swears that he'll find some way to escape, even if he has to kill him.

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30 Ottobre 1999
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