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1x7 - Hear Me

For The Sake of Love

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Kanat's accident shook everyone deeply. After receiving the news, Ekim fears losing Kanat for the first time and confronts the feelings she had hidden inside. Even though Ekim is troubled by her feelings, there is one thing that she cannot overlook: Leyla! Aware of this fact, Kanat decides to make a move that will completely change the situation. There is another person who is deeply shaken by Kanat's return from the dead. Suna makes a radical and dangerous decision to protect her family. The police make an important discovery regarding the accident. Melisa and Ozan learn about the video Halil shot on the day of the accident and make a plan to get it from him. While Melisa and Ozan are dealing with Halil, there is someone who sets up a much bigger game. Fikret will put an end to the accident issue with his plan and will save his own skin. But since every game has a winner and a loser, this game also will also make a victim.

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18 Agosto 2022
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