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1x7 - Mew Mew Power

Enter Pudding – The Ears and Tail are Part of the Act!

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Returning from the grocery store, Ichigo stops to rest on a bench. A young girl, Pudding Fong, begins performing acrobatic tricks in front of her and then demands a tip. Ichigo gives her a piece of candy then runs off. Angered, Pudding causes Ichigo's cat ears and tail to pop out. Amazed, Pudding chases Ichigo wanting her own set of ears and tail in order to make money. Ichigo finally yells at her but later at the café feels sorry for the girl as they wonder why she wants to make money so badly and goes to apologize. The next day, Kish attempts to steal Pudding's spirit, but the Mew Mews stop him. Using the spirit of another human stolen earlier, he attacks with a chimera anima. While protecting Ichigo and Mint, the monster's attacks; Pudding's mew mark is revealed and she transforms into Mew Pudding. She quickly helps them defeat the monster and is ecstatic to join the Mew Mews.

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18 Maggio 2002
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