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1x8 - Damian Lewis: Spy Wars


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In 1968, Dani Limor was recruited by Mossad. To this day, virtually all of Limor’s assignments remain classified. But their successes made him one Mossad’s top field agents. In 1977, the Israeli State officially recognised the heritage of an ancient tribe of 90,000 Jews, who were the descendants of those fleeing Jerusalem more than 2,500 years earlier. Now, they were 1,800 miles away, in an enclave of around 500 impoverished villages, in the northwest corner of Ethiopia, a country under the control of a pro-Communist military junta and funded by the Soviet Union. It became clear the Lost Tribe were not going to make it out of Ethiopia on their own. This is the story of how Mossad sent undercover agents into enemy territory to secretly repatriate thousands from the Lost Tribes of Israel. It’s one of the most daring rescue missions in the history of espionage.

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25 Novembre 2019
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