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1x8 - Emanet

Episode 8

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Zelal does not remember anything about the dinner she went with Ekrem. All of Ekrem's courage is extinguished. He gets angry with him for not having the courage to talk to Zelal. Zuhal reached CD. He is shocked by what he watches. He learns that Halit's killer is his own brother, Ekrem. With Fırat, Zelal gets closer and closer every day. When Ekrem sees Zelal talking with Fırat, he gets mad and waits for Zelal to come to his mansion. When Zelal comes to the mansion, he encounters Ekrem's harsh face. Zelal, who does not listen to Ekrem, is shocked when he hears that Ekrem confesses his love to him, he does not know what to say. What will Zelal do now, which seems impossible to get out of the mansion? Şakir comes to Ekrem for the remaining half work. He asks for the remaining money from Ekrem. Even though Ekrem asks for some permission, Şakir does not agree. Şakir wants to hurt Ekrem to get the money, and Şakir kidnaps Zelal.

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16 Settembre 2020
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