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1x8 - Dragonaut: The Resonance

Parting -Echoes from the Empty Sky-

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After escaping from the spa resort, Jin, Toa, and Gio try to figure out what to do. Jin believes that the three of them can just live peacefully in some small town back on Earth. Despite Toa's desire to do so, she has a "mission" to fulfill, so she abandons Jin and Gio while they are sleep. Once Jin wakes up and realizes that Toa is gone, he tries to look for her, but is thwarted when Kazuki and Widow show up. Kazuki demands Gio back, but Jin is more concerned with looking for Toa. After Gio frees himself from Widow's clutches, he picks up Jin and runs off. Meanwhile, Toa surrenders herself to Raina, who had just been in a meeting with Kō. Still desperate to get Gio back, Kazuki offers to help Jin get Toa back if Jin agrees to give him Gio. His hesitation prompts Kazuki to send Widow to retrieve Toa. When Jin tries to apologize to Gio, Gio asks if Jin can protect Toa, and after hearing that Jin can, Gio realizes that he has been getting between Toa and Jin all along.

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22 Novembre 2007
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