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The elders check some of the words in the wall that speak about ""The Boy of the Promise"". Cole thinks that Will may be that boy and that they should claim him. Balaam and Malakai do not think so, but they agree to send John to find out if Will is fine. When Cole calls Andrew to tell him about this, Andrew starts to feel sick and soon later he passes out. The village doctor wants to help, but Karen and Pia do not trust him and they send him away. The doctor, however, comes back with more people and they take Andrew out of the village, fearing that he may have some contagious disease. Karen brings Prudence, who gives Andrew some medicine and then asks Karen to leave them alone. Korakal tells Will that Jakuki and him must perform a ritual in order to die as children and become men. He send them out with the Shaman. Later, John is captured by the Shaman and others. Cole and the doctor come back for Andrew, who seems to die in front of them.

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13 Novembre 1999
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