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2x1 - Mew Mew Power

I Love You – Aoyama-kun's Shocking Declaration

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Hours late, Ichigo arrives at the meeting place. At first, she thinks Masaya has left, but he appears near her and tells her that he was waiting for her and that he loves her. Ichigo's cat ears pop out, but she hides them with a handkerchief and tells him that she loves him too. The next day, while Masaya is visiting the café, the aliens attack in search of the mew aqua rod. Ryou gives Masaya a sleeping drug to knock him out so the girls can fight. Kish is able to get the rod, but Keiichiro says the rod does not have any mew aqua anymore anyway. After the aliens leave, everyone begins cleaning the café. Outside, Ichigo bends over the sleeping Masaya and thinks about kissing him. She gets excited and instead of her ears and tail emerging, she turns into a small black cat.

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5 Ottobre 2002
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