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2x14 - Mew Mew Power

Two Becoming Friends? Pudding in Imminent Danger!

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Masaya is having weird dreams in which an unidentified voice is telling him to wake up. Meanwhile, Pudding is watching performance at the Tokyo Dome when a huge hole opens in the floor. She transforms and investigates, finding Tart under the Dome. He tells her they are going to make the whole area collapse by having chimera animas dig holes under it, starting with the Dome. While showing off his monster, it goes out of control and leaves, trapping Mew Pudding and Tart inside by falling debris. Mew Pudding is happy, though, and tells Tart that since they are both trapped, they do not need to fight. She gives him some candy and starts calling him "Taru-taru." Outside, the other Mew Mews defeat the chimera anima then use their powers to keep the dome from collapsing while it is evacuated. Tart decides it would be boring if Pudding died, so uses his powers to make trees grow around the Dome so the roots support it. He teleports Pudding to the surface and she says they are friends now. He yells at her and leaves, but smiles while looking at the candy she gave him.

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4 Gennaio 2003
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