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2x17 - D.Gray-man


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A Level 3 Akuma Heads for China to kill Allen. Lenalee and the others head towards Edo and are ambushed by the Level 3 Akumas from earlier when they were at the shore, they use tricks to evade them for a short while and are surrounded a short while later. All Akuma in Japan are then summoned to Edo by the Earl which cuases the three Level 3's to head away. Chomosuke also parts with the group because the earls order is to strong for her to resist, and it is revealed that the Earl is at Edo Castle. While Allen is training with Fou his eye reacts to something and The Earl gives his orders to kill the remaining two generals, hurrying the Noah clan. The Noah Clan and Akuma at Edo Castle are then attacked by Lavi and the rest in order to stop them from getting to the generals. Lavi and The Noah(Tiki Mykk)that destroyed Allen's Innocence are about to fight as he tells them that Allen is still alive and that he sent a Level 3 Akuma to kill him assuming his innocence is gone.The last part shows that the level 3 is about the attack the Asian branch where Allen is...

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29 Gennaio 2008
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