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2x18 - Sweet Valley High

Win Sam, Lose Sam

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Sam thinks he no longer has chances for getting a sponsor and racing in Australia when he ruins his chances of winning the motocross race by helping Todd. It's just the opposite. Jessica doesn't want him to go, and Sam tells her he doesn't want to go and that he wants to stay in Sweet Valley with her. When the yearbooks come out Todd is voted sexiest, Bruce is voted BMOC (Big mouth on Campus), Cheryl is voted most sophisticated, Winston is voted most likely to move back in with his parents, Manny is voted nicest smile, Enid is voted, talks the most, says the least, Lila is voted bionic spender, Jessica is voted flirtaholic, and Elizabeth is voted most responsible, which makes her upset. She decides to let Winston, Manny and Bruce plan the prom instead of her and tries to be more free spirited. Cheryl, Lila and Enid decide to go to the prom without dates, but then Enid is asked to go by Manny, and Cheryl asks Bruce to go with her, leaving Lila with no one. She eventually ends up stuck g

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15 Gennaio 1996
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