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2x4 - Mew Mew Power

Be Honest! Unspoken Love in the Crystal Ball

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Ichigo asks for advice on her relationship with Masaya from the school fortune-teller Mariko. At first, Mariko says Masaya is a bad person, but then says he and Ichigo are good for each other as long as Ichigo is honest with her feelings. The next day, Ichigo sees Mariko watching a soccer player named Shunsuke. Later, Mariko tells him that he should confess his feelings to the person he loves on Sunday in the park. Meanwhile, the aliens search for Mariko's crystal ball, believing it contains mew aqua. On Sunday, Ichigo sees Shunsuke in the park and ducks behind a tree, where Mariko is also hiding to see who he meets. Kish appears and tries to steal Mariko's spirit, but Shunsuke's jumps in front of her to protect her, so his spirit is stolen instead and turned into a chimera anima. The other Mew Mews arrive, along with the Blue Knight, and they defeat the monster, freeing Shunsuke's spirit. Mariko's crystal ball shatters, proving it was not mew aqua. Shunsuke tells Mariko that she is the one he was waiting for.

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26 Ottobre 2002
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