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2x6 - Mew Mew Power

Princess Fight – The Hero Can't be Bought For Money

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Mint surprises the other girls by inviting them to a tea party. When they arrive, they meet a spoiled, wealthy girl named Kanna, who declares that she is Mint's "eternal rival." A box arrives, containing something Mint wanted to share with everyone. Watching nearby, Kish believes it must be mew aqua and tries to take the box. Not realizing the danger, Kanna takes the box back. Kish unleashes a chimera anima and Mint rescues the girl from the monster. The others transform and fight the monster, but are losing until the Blue Knight arrives and reveals its weak point allowing Mew Ichigo and Mew Mint to defeat the monster. Afterwards, Kanna admits she has always envied Mint. The box is opened to reveal that it is a special tea that Mint wanted to share with her friends. They invite Kanna to join them, but she declines and promises to invite them to her house for even better tea.

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9 Novembre 2002
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