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3x1 - Hidamari Sketch

February 27th-March 4th: Bright Red Mark / April 3rd: Welcome to Hidamari Apartments

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February 27th-March 4th: After a bad start to the day breaking some plates, Yuno gets a low score on her grammar test and has to take a makeup exam. After studying for the retake, she gets a perfect score, but accidentally rips her sheet. On April 1, Yuno hears from the landlord that new freshmen will be coming to Hidamari Apartments, so the girls help clean the other rooms up. April 3rd: One of the freshmen's parents arrive with her things and offer to take the girls out to lunch. While they do that, the new freshmen, Nazuna and Nori, arrive at the apartments and are surprised that they cannot find anyone else. When the girls get back from their lunch, they meet with the new residents and officially welcome them to the apartments.

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8 Gennaio 2010
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