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3x2 - Curious George

The Perfect Carrot

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George and Bill run out of carrots while feeding the rabbits. When Bill pulls a carrot out of the ground, George can't believe it! George wants to grow his own carrots. Armed with a packet of carrot seeds, and guidance from the Man with the Yellow Hat, George plants his garden. After 66 days of tending, watering and keeping Jumpy away, George has a prize-winning carrot! It's so perfect in size, shape, and color, that George carries it around in a fancy telescope case to protect it. George visits Bill's house to show it off, and he learns that the bunnies have gone missing! George joins the search and finds them hungry and scared in a cave. It's a hard decision to make, but George sacrifices his perfect carrot for the bunnies to eat while he finds help. Thanks to George and his "carroty hero," the bunnies are saved and fed.

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1 Settembre 2008
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