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6x2 - Curious George

Curious George Sounds Off

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Chef Pisghetti has some new friends outside the kitchen, the four hens Eeney, Meeney, Miney, and Freckles, so he can have the freshest eggs possible to use for his food. But the only problem is, his new hens don't seem to be making any. George decides to stay with the chickens overnight in their coop to see what is making them unhappy and soon finds out. Being in the middle of the noisy city, the chicken coop can be very noisy at night, keeping the chickens awake and making them tired. George decides to keep the chickens somewhere else less noisy. When he tries the library and they manage to lay a few eggs, he figures out what to do. All he needs to do is soundproof the chicken coop. There are a lot of materials George can use in his apartment building's recycling room, but he just needs to figure out which ones work the best, for the soundproofing and the chickens.

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3 Settembre 2011
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