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Jacqueline Wong, a maid in the household of the Vice Minister of War, leads an alliance of maids at the six ministries, who trade information and make money together. Roxanne Tong sold herself to be a maid to raise money for her lover to travel to the capital and take the imperial exams. Jacqueline and Roxanne take care of the Vice Minister's first wife and second wife (Angie Cheung), respectively, and fight against each other on behalf of their mistresses. Jacqueline and the young master fall in love, but they are oppressed by his father. Timothy is demoted after committing an offense. Tony is determined to achieve honors from the imperial exam and restore the family's reputation. Lisa Lau, the daughter of the Minister of War (Pat Poon), sets her eyes on Brian and tries to seduce him. Jacqueline and Roxanne worry that they will lose their lovers if they achieve a high rank in the imperial exams, and vow to ruin their scholarly dreams. As the two pairs of lovers are about to break up, they get embroiled in a treasonous conspiracy.

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Jacqueline Wong
Yuet Jing
Roxanne Tong
Yuet Gau
Florence Kwok
Koon Chi Pui
Angie Cheung
Brian Tse
Fu Yau Wai
Tony Hung
Kau Kei Chun
Timothy Cheng
Kau Ching

Stagione 1

Nascondi 15 episodi
30 Dicembre 2019
31 Dicembre 2019
1 Gennaio 2020
2 Gennaio 2020
3 Gennaio 2020
6 Gennaio 2020
7 Gennaio 2020
8 Gennaio 2020
9 Gennaio 2020
10 Gennaio 2020
13 Gennaio 2020
14 Gennaio 2020
15 Gennaio 2020
16 Gennaio 2020
17 Gennaio 2020
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