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Coupling is a British television sitcom written by Steven Moffat that aired on BBC2 from May 2000 to June 2004. Produced by Hartswood Films for the BBC, the show centres on the dating and sexual adventures and mishaps of six friends in their thirties, often depicting the three women and the three men each talking among themselves about the same events, but in entirely different terms. The series was inspired by Moffat's relationship with producer Sue Vertue, to the extent that they gave their names to two of the characters. Coupling is an example of the "group-genre", an ensemble show that had proven popular at the time. Critics compared the show to the American sitcoms Friends and Seinfeld. The critical reaction was largely positive, and the show was named "Best TV Comedy" at the 2003 British Comedy Awards. The show debuted to unimpressive ratings, but its popularity soon increased and by the end of the third series the show had achieved decent ratings in the UK. The series began airing on PBS stations and on BBC America in the United States in late 2002 and quickly gained a devoted fanbase there as well. The show is syndicated around the world. Short-lived American and Greek adaptations were briefly produced in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

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Stagione 1

Mostra 6 episodi
12 Maggio 2000
19 Maggio 2000
26 Maggio 2000
2 Giugno 2000
9 Giugno 2000
16 Giugno 2000

Stagione 2

Mostra 9 episodi
3 Settembre 2001
10 Settembre 2001
17 Settembre 2001
24 Settembre 2001
1 Ottobre 2001
8 Ottobre 2001
15 Ottobre 2001
22 Ottobre 2001
29 Ottobre 2001

Stagione 3

Mostra 7 episodi
23 Settembre 2002
30 Settembre 2002
7 Ottobre 2002
14 Ottobre 2002
28 Ottobre 2002
4 Novembre 2002

Stagione 4

Nascondi 6 episodi
10 Maggio 2004
17 Maggio 2004
24 Maggio 2004
31 Maggio 2004
7 Giugno 2004
14 Giugno 2004
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