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Every year, LP Paradise Hotel will accept only 10 internships from universities throughout the country in the "Hotel Stars" project, and 2 out of 10 will have the opportunity to receive outstanding internships. They will be placed as hotel staff immediately after the internship is complete and will be given a salary. High service charges and outstanding students will also have a chance to study hotel trips abroad. This year, the selected students, Akarotonpong, Kinteeyanuk, Ying K and Valen, all ten will be divided into groups. To switch internships in three missions, namely kitchen work, housewife work, and reception work. Including a special mission as well. Can all ten interns pass the Arahan checkpoint like the management team and supervisors to become an excellent intern? How about the relationship that Erung Tung Nang between them will be a hindrance to this competition?

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