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Saichi Sugimoto is a tough soldier who participates in the Russo-Japanese War and who earned the nickname "Sugimoto the Immortal." Honors in combat are of little use to him when he is expelled from the army for a certain incident, but he has a goal to fulfill, a promise to keep, and for that he will need money. His first idea to get it will be to join the recent Hokkaido gold rush and try his luck, but destiny prepared him a more interesting challenge and at the same time, more profitable. When a strange man tells the story of how a thief stole a large amount of gold from a group of Ainu to later hide his booty, his eyes light up. Is it a false story? The man tells him that the only way to find the stolen gold is to locate a number of men who were in prison with the thief and who carry the tracks tattooed on their own bodies. But Hokkaido is a tough region and its relentless nature, so when you're still deciding if such a story is more than a Chinese tale, you'll have to fight to protect your life from a huge bear ... and who will come to your rescue is a Ainu girl who seems to know something about the story told by the old man.

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Stagione 1

Mostra 12 episodi
9 Aprile 2018
16 Aprile 2018
23 Aprile 2018
30 Aprile 2018
7 Maggio 2018
14 Maggio 2018
21 Maggio 2018
28 Maggio 2018
4 Giugno 2018
11 Giugno 2018
25 Giugno 2018

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Nascondi 12 episodi
8 Ottobre 2018
16 Ottobre 2018
22 Ottobre 2018
5 Novembre 2018
12 Novembre 2018
19 Novembre 2018
26 Novembre 2018
3 Dicembre 2018
10 Dicembre 2018
17 Dicembre 2018
24 Dicembre 2018
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