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Love Myself Or You

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Du Kai Qi is an aspiring young chef, her only interests are cooking and reading manga comics. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't want anymore. After enjoying her most delicious full course meal prepared by a chef named Louis, she snaps a picture of his signature from the plate and request to meet him. However, a family emergency forces her to leave before meeting Louis. She looks to Louis's signature as strength and inspiration for her upcoming sous chef promotion test. On the day of her test the new restaurant intern Ah Jie, who has to decide the winner, chooses Kai Qi's rival dish over hers. Losing out on her promotion, Kai Qi makes instant enemies with Ah Jie. What she doesn't know is Ah Jie is her boss's son, her new next door neighbor, the chef Louis that she admires so much and her long lost childhood friend Fu Zi Jie who she had a close bond with.

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Puff Kuo
Du Kai Qi
Jasper Liu
Louis Fu Zi Jie
Lene Lai
Cheng Le Xuan
Jolin Chien
Cheng Hao Wei

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Nascondi 22 episodi
23 Maggio 2014
30 Maggio 2014
6 Giugno 2014
13 Giugno 2014
20 Giugno 2014
27 Giugno 2014
4 Luglio 2014
11 Luglio 2014
18 Luglio 2014
25 Luglio 2014
1 Agosto 2014
8 Agosto 2014
15 Agosto 2014
22 Agosto 2014
29 Agosto 2014
5 Settembre 2014
12 Settembre 2014
19 Settembre 2014
26 Settembre 2014
3 Ottobre 2014
10 Ottobre 2014
17 Ottobre 2014
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