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Extreme is an action adventure series starring James Brolin and centered around a Rocky Mountains search and rescue operation. Debuting on ABC on January 29, 1995, Extreme was the lead-out program which followed the network's coverage of Super Bowl XXIX. The show was unsuccessful and ABC canceled the series after seven episodes aired. The final episode aired on April 6, 1995, with six episodes left unaired. Following the failure of Extreme, the Big Four networks have largely steered themselves away from premiering new programming after the Super Bowl and have instead chosen to run special episodes of their own programming. After Extreme, it wasn't until Super Bowl XXXIII that a network elected to premiere a new series following the game; in addition to a special episode of The Simpsons, Fox aired the premiere episode of Family Guy, "Death Has a Shadow" as part of a 60-minute postgame comedy block. The network did the same thing in 2005, with the premiere of American Dad! following another Simpsons episode. The most recent series to premiere after the Super Bowl was Undercover Boss, which premiered on CBS following their broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV.

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James Brolin
Reese Wheeler
Julie Bowen
Andie McDermott
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jack Hawkins
Cameron Bancroft
Kyle Hansen
Justin Lazard
Lance Monroe
Brooke Langton
Sarah Bowen
Tom Wright
Farley Potts

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Nascondi 7 episodi
29 Gennaio 1995
2 Marzo 1995
9 Marzo 1995
16 Marzo 1995
23 Marzo 1995
30 Marzo 1995
6 Aprile 1995
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