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Paul Dobson is an English-Canadian voice actor who works for Ocean Studios and various other studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He performed Naraku and Myoga from InuYasha, Doctor Doom from Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Juggernaut from X-Men: Evolution, Happosai from Ranma ½, Enzo Matrix from ReBoot, Folken Fanel from the Ocean dub of Escaflowne, Zarbon from the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z, Graveheart from Shadow Raiders, various characters from several Transformers series (Beast Machines, Armada, Energon and Cybertron), Moo from Monster Rancher, Graham Aker from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series, Sensei Wu from Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and various voices in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War video game series.

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London, England, U.K.
Iniziata nel 2012
Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Iniziata nel 1999
Spider-Man Unlimited
Iniziata nel 1986
My Little Pony
Iniziata nel 2005
Transformers: Cybertron
Iniziata nel 1995
Street Fighter
Iniziata nel 2002
Transformers: Armada
Iniziata nel 2001
Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show!
Iniziata nel 1994
Iniziata nel 2004
Transformers: Superlink
Iniziata nel 2001
Project Arms
Iniziata nel 1999
Beast Machines: Transformers