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In 1722, Emperor Yongzheng (Chen Jianbin) defeated his rivals and ascended the throne with the support of Emperor Nian Yao and Emperor Longcodo.The younger sister of Spring Festival Emperor -- China imperial concubine (Jiang Xin is acted the role of) beautiful domineering, exclusive pet a few years, relying on the power of year home and elder brother, with the empress (CAI Shaofen is acted the role of) stand against each other.The emperor is busy with government affairs, did not enter harem for a few days, empress dowager (Liu Xuehua is acted the role of) for jiang Shan offspring think, persuade the emperor to undertake 3 years the draft that once. Ling Rong was selected for the sachet after a butterfly landed on the begonias on her temples.Eyebrow zhuang gets the appreciation of emperor and empress dowager naturally and be selected smoothly.When the eunuch called to Zhen Huan name, the emperor and the queen mother are very surprised, because the eyes of Zhen Huan like a person......

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17 Novembre 2011
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