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1x1 - Dinosaur War Izenborg


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The massive gorgosaurus, Gorgo, was the first dinosaur Ururu sent to the surface to fight humanity and the D-Force. However, Gorgo could not do this alone, as he had to take over the mind of man's best friend and turn them into humanity's worst nightmare. As the pack of dogs ran through the streets of Tokyo, the massive reptile joined the brutal assault! Bursting out of the ground, Gorgo stomped through the streets of Tokyo, roaring his fury and using his massive head as a battering ram to destroy buildings around him. Soon, his dogs found a school and Gorgo followed, stomping on the building with his massive feet. The D-Force soon arrived and started to fire missiles at the saurian to no avail. After trying to bring down the ship with his flame breath, the Tachibana twins combined, turning their ship into Super Aizenborg.

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7 Ottobre 1977
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